16th International Symposium on Integral Car Safety Systems

The 16th AIRBAG symposium will be held at a demanding time for automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as they transition towards electrification, digitalization and the roll-out of autonomous driving functionalities. This transformation offers numerous challenges but at the same time significant opportunities for the development and implementation of innovative safety systems.

The symposium will once again be the venue for international engineers, scientists, legislators, managers and marketing experts to exchange information, to make new contacts and to network to promote integral safety for road users on an impartial platform. The two-day program will cover relevant aspects from international accident studies and legislation framework, automotive trends and developments, innovations on system and component level, related tools, methods and further influencing factors for bringing systems efficiently to market as well as an outlook into future applications and new business opportunities.

General Terms and Conditions [pdf]


Our announcement for the 16th International Symposium on Integral Car Safety Systems can be viewed and downloaded here.



The detailed program will be published in September 2024.


Workshop / 25.11.2024

»Retten ohne Risiko!« (in German)


13:30 - 18 Uhr 


  • für Rettungskräfte mit »Airbag-Update«, Einsatzberichten und Erfahrungsaustausch
  • point of contact:
  • Teilnahmegebühr: EURO 120,--
  • Frei für Teilnehmende des Airbag-Symposiums.
  • begrenzte Plätze
  • Anmeldung formlos an Manuela Wolff mit Angabe der Rechnungsadresse

Workshop / 25.11.2024

»Berliner Erklärung zur Fahrzeugsicherheit« (in German)


13:30 - 17 Uhr